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Ordering process

         From 2020 June, our bank info are followings
         BTI EUPHENG LIMITED with HSBC Hong Kong account nr., 124*****7838

         JaBest bank info



         TEL: 0086-514-85880866

         ACCOUNT NO: 395067000140630013840




         US and North American customers can use our Zelle account for limited amount transfer.                    h*n*c*a*

         Detailed info will be sent to customers by email.

Currency use in quotation and payment


Oct 2017 update
For our SF02, SF01, 24L, 24M, Wooden Fly boxes, New Cork boxes and Some of Aluminium boxes, many customers request very limited quantity and also many different foam designs for each of those boxes. We can NOT predict the quantity of each foam design for those boxes. It is very difficult for us to arrange foams fixed inside those boxes in the mass production. So from 2017 Oct, we decide that we will not install foam inside those box. We will put the self glue backing foams and an installation instruction in those boxes. End users will easily install those self glue backing foams inside the box by themselves.

If customer have particular request, please separate contact with us. Thanks.


March 2017 update

Due to increasing domestic inflation in China, USD quotation system is re-started now to have more stable pricing.

Oct 2016 update

Since July 2010 until now, for around 7 years, we have not yet increased our prices based on CNY, Chinese Currency, due to CNY increasing the value against international currency at that time frame. But in China domestically we have significant cost increase, especially labor cost. We have to consider to increase our price for all items. It will be tremendous work to change our quotation system considering such large SKUs. So we decide to use USD price at exchange rate 6.40 to 1 against CNY, and keep most item price in CNY same as before to balance off the domestic inflation.


July 2010 update

Due to the dramatic change of currency exchange rate of US Dollar or Euro against Chinese Currency (CNY), it brings difficulty in keeping consist pricing. From July 2010, Bti-Sports decided to use Chinese currency (CNY) for the quotation. Customer payment will be done by US dollar or Euro with exchange rate at that time frame of payment (or Invoice issued). For the convenience of customer to understand the cost in Chinese Currency (CNY), Bti-Sports also provided US dollar cost with reference exchange rate. Currency exchange rate web link:


Pay term


Our price is quoted based on the term of EXW (out of factory).

If customer chooses courier shipping such as DHL, UPS ect., there is no extra cost because they provide door to door service. But if customer’ order covers too many items with limited order quantity; handling cost of CNY140 (USD22 at exchange rate 1: 6.3) to CNY280 (USD44) will be applied. No handling cost for sample order or first trail order.

If customer chooses sea or air shipping requesting delivery to port and going through custom process, as the term of FOB. We will charge some cost bases on different conditions. Please kindly see below.

A. If we help customer to book a forwarder for arranging goods air or sea shipping, following fees will be charged.
1) CNY15 (USD2.4) per carton and extra one flat CNY200 (USD32) per shipping for inland shipping cost from our company to Shanghai port. If loading port is in Qingdao, the shipping cost will be very high. We need to do shipping cost inquiry before invoice finalized.
2) CNY400 (USD64) per shipping (custom fee and document cost charged by forwarder)
3) Sea shipping cost 
1) If Telex release bill of loading is requested, it will cost CNY100 (USD16)
2) If goods were ship to USA or CA, CNY160 (USD25) to CNY200 (USD32) as AMS/ACI cost per shipping will be charged.
3) Certificate of origin costs CNY50 (USD8)
4) Custom random checking cost happens by chances.

B. If we use the forwarder whom is our customer requested, and customer responsible for the sea shipping cost in their end.
B1. If it’s EXW term, we will still help our customers arrange goods ship to Shanghai port, and charge basic cost CNY15 per carton and one flat CNY200 per shipping for inland shipping cost from our company to Shanghai port. If shipping to Qingdao, the cost will be very high. We need to do shipping cost inquiry before invoice finalized. Usually our support for domestic shipping is more economic than picking up service cost from customer assigned shipping agent. Other cost customers will directly pay their assigned shipping agent.

B2. If it is changed into FOB term, we have to ask the forwarder what cost will be charged. Then we will charge the cost from customer directly. If the forwarder can not provide us clear cost, we will collect the cost as below:
1) Domestic shipping cost as above A
2) CNY400 (USD64) (custom fee and document cost charged by forwarder)
3) CNY60-80/CBM (USD10 to14) (CFS-CFS cost charged by forwarder, sometimes it is also termed as cost from port to container arrangement cost) 
4) CNY250 (USD40) per shipping (Handling cost charged by forwarder)
If our charge is different from the shipping agent cost, the difference will be balanced with customer's next order.
1) If Telex release bill of loading is requested, it will cost CNY100 (USD16)
2) If goods were ship to USA or CA, CNY160 (USD25) to CNY200 (USD32) as AMS/ACI cost per shipping will be charged.
3) Certificate of origin costs CNY50 (USD8)
4) Custom random checking cost happens by chances.


Bank information


We have three different bank accounts, BTI-SPORTS LIMITED, GUOTAI and HSB.
1. Usually all payments are conducted in US dollars with our BTI-SPORTS LIMITED account.
2. If you want to pay by other foreign currencies, such as the AU dollars, Euro etc., and the payment value is less than USD5,000.00, HSB account will be suggested.
3. If you want to pay by other foreign currencies, such as the AU dollars, Euro etc., and your payment is higher than USD5,000.00, our GUOTAI account will be suggested.
4. For the small or the sample order, Western Union will be suggested.


Quality Guarantee


Price term is EXW (out of factory warehouse), and also many products are made per customer design for OEM service. 

For product quality issue, if it is proved our quality or design problem, we will compensate all or provide free repair. Usually, compensated items will be shipped with customers' next order. No separate shipping, separate shipping is very expensive.

Unsatisfying products return for refund only after 1. we receive your returned items in good unused condition and 2. verified the return reason as you reported products can not be re-sold for your profit.

If the problem happens due to end customers' usage, we still support spare part supply or product repair for basic cost. 

All shipping will be responsible by customers. More detailed guarantee policy for different products, please see our Q&A in different product section.


Sample policy


We can provide samples. But customers should be responsible for the basic cost and international freight. The delivery time is around 10 days after we confirm customer's payment. 
As to the products of high value like rods, reels, we don't offer free samples.
As to the products of low value like hooks, tungsten or brass beads, we can offer free samples. We can send them with your order. Or we can send them by China Post, but the delivery time is around one month.


General MOQ policy


We have different program to support our customer with their varied order quantity and individualized design.MOQ in our company varies upon different items. It usually applys in one purchase of only one item. If items are of same materials, the MOQ requests are often flexible depending the nature of materials used and the complexcity of product design.
No matter is the order quantity; we will listen to your suggestion and willing to help you make your draft design into fine products. We are proud to be your supplier. Your success is our success.
If customer wants to order those items from our stock for the reason of fast delivery or limited order quantity, please kindly understand our stock information might under change during the time course of communication or payment. If it happens (our stock quantity is less than customer requested), we greatly appreciate customer kind understanding of this situation. We will keep the value of the goods of shortage as customer credit in our account or give other items of same value as customer requests.


MOQ for fishing rods


MOQ for rod is usually 100 pc per item. More than 3 items, MOQ is 50 pc. MOQ for high valued rods are negotiable. We provide logo, art design and other individualized services for customer rods.


MOQ for fishing reels


For reels, if customer order amount is less than normal MOQ, we still can give you the support, but we might have difficulty in providing logo printing et al.


MOQ for fishing bags and sports bags


Normalwise our MOQ for reel case, lure bag is 200 to 500 pc per item. Fishing bags & rod tubes 200 pc, fly vest 300 pc per item, the ration behind is that we will not leave too much raw materials in stock. This usually applies in one purchase of only one item. If customer is interested in many items, and they are of same materials or customer request to be same material. The MOQ request of single item can be much reduced to 50 pc per item.
Following two examples help you to understand our MOQ better. If you are interested in rod tubes BTi-LT-T008, 7.5X 120CM , 7.5 for the diameter of the tube, 120 for the length. The MOQ is 200 pcs, which is decided by the surface material. You can order BTi-LT-T008 of many different length such as 7.5X 40CM , 7.5X140 or as any you request. Tube diameter we have three choices, 5CM , 6.3CM , or 7.5CM , They are not decisive for MOQ. So you also can order BTi-LT-T 008 in different diameters and lengths, so long with our BTi-LT-008 surface material or material you request.
Another example will be that when you are interested in lure bag, rod tubes, real case, and fishing bags et al. You can set all these items with same materials. MOQ for single item will be more flexible


MOQ for fishing net


It is similar to that of fishing bags and sports bags.
MOQ for outdoor sections (rod pod, bed chair & chair)          
It is similar to that of fishing bags and sports bags.


MOQ for fly boxes     


MOQ in single purchasing of single item for Alum boxes is only 50 pcs for small size ones, 25 pcs for large size ones. For mono-color logo printing on boxes, we can do in our company free for order above 200 pc total. For laser engraving on alu fly boxes, additional around USD $0,20-$0,80 per box will be charged depending on logo size. Plastic box MOQ per item is only 120 pcs.


MOQ for tungsten sinker           


For tungsten sinkers, we have certain type of designs, which customer will not need to pay tooling, but for others customer might be required to pay $200 to $300 for the tooling depending on the complexity of the design. The tooling for one design with five different sizes will be charged only $1,000. Tooling cost will be refund when tungsten sinkers ordered heavier than 40 kg. All down stream treatments are available for all order quantity.       


MOQ for fishing hooks


MOQ on fishing hooks (normal size for carp, fly fishing and fresh water fishing) usually is 30,000 to 50,000pcs for each size and each color. For these in stock, they are flexible. MOQ on big sea fishing hooks can be just 5,000pcs. Sample and first trial order no strict request. For customer hooks, new tooling development requested, MOQ will be strictly requested according the hook size. Normal case, 50,000, some big hooks can be 10,000pcs for per size and per color. Usually, our hooks sell in bulk and packed by 1,000pcs per bag. We can support your trial order quantity by 1,000pcs for your testing after checking our stock condition.

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