Fly fishing 

The products contains below, 

1.Packing Rod tube with reel pouch USD5.40 

2. Best value fast action fly rod, 9' LW5 cost USD17.38

Standard carbon fibre, UK fast action. Half well handle, compress cork with AAA grade cork paper wrapping. Hard chrome plated snake guides. Hard wooden reel seat, rod blank is gunsmoke or matt sage finish. The cost of the rod includes a 100% rod cloth.

3. 02B-DJ Best value quality aluminium super large arbor fly reel DJ5/7 USD9.35

   Single color fly line, 25M Backing Tippet and 9' tapered leader USD5.38

Excellent for both fresh water and salt water. Thoroughly tape water wash is requested after salt water use.

4.BTI-10F-CHB001 Micro ultra light multiple pockets chest pack USD13.96

BTI-10F-CHB001 Micro ultra light multiple pockets chest pack

BTI-09E-3165 CNC Machined Nail Knotter Tool (Red)

BTI-AS39E New Wader Zinger

BTI-09E-045 Catch & Release Hemostat

BTI-09E-6152 Leader Straightener

BTI-09E-1151 Ceramic Clipper (Black)

5. Quality Kraft Paper carton USD2.00

So the total cost for the combo set is USD53.47 based on 100 sets. 


The fly rod is made by 100% 24T carbon. 

The fly rod is made by graphite. 

The unit cost is from USD54.00 to USD64.80 based on different order quantity. 
For customize rods, the MOQ request 100pc to arrange the production. 

If customer can accept our standard design, the MOQ can be flexible. 

If the order quantity is less then 100pc, the price will be 20%-30% increased. 

For customized rod, the delivery time is 2 months. 
If customer will take the rod with standard design, the delivery time within one week.
We are welcome customize design. 
We can pack them with carton box or other package as cutomer's request.